We love this iconic poster so much we decided to reproduce it, from Banksys Severnshed Exhibition in Bristol in 2000. Hand sprayed Banksy logo in red and Stamped in the right corner. It is stamped 'Unofficial Banksy Reproduction' so there is no confusion that this is a real Banksy.

Limited to 100 prints, printed using UV resistant inks onto 100gsm fly poster paper and then hand sprayed and stamped, these are not numbered.

Size - 420mm x 594mm

A classic reproduction of an iconic piece to own for a fraction of the cost. Banksy was sceptical about showing art work anywhere there's no beer to be had. So he in Severnshed he found the answer: a thoughtfully arranged exhibition in a pleasantly set out bar/restaurant down by the river. The print has a crease on the left hand side as can be seen in the photo.