AirMonkey prints was started in 2007 in a garage just outside Worcester in the UK after a week long snowboarding trip to canada resulted in a chance meeting with Scott King.

On our return to the UK and once we had recovered from the jet lag and alcohol intake we were so inspired by some of the work we’d seen of Scott’s that we decided that we should sell his stuff over here. He travelled to the UK a lot so it seemed the ideal set up. We were then in Dundee sourcing some printing equipment we'd seen on eBay when I heard of an exhibition that was being hosted by an artist called Tevés. It was only a small show but when we arrived a piece caught our eye straight away, the Stormpooper canvas! An all inspired piece showcasing a Stormtrooper sitting on the toilet. This has been done many times before but never has it been executed so well! After a few drinks Tevés seemed to warm to our business concept and so he too joined the AirMonkey stable. It was the Stormpooper Screen print which started us off, selling out in record time. A dealer in L.A. kept calling us constantly to purchase the last 10 for a shop he owned and since then the Stormpooper has been spotted in many a famous nightclub and hotel across L.A.

AirMonkey has gone from strength to strength and in 2010 we set up officially and moved to a central Worcester location. This has allowed us to showcase more local and national talent that we feel can inspire a nation.

Artists such as ©opyKat, ADS and Neue now have a platform that they may never have found for their work. Aria Torn has been increasingly touted as an alias of Banksy due to his style and execution, I can safely say if he was we would have retired to the sun by now!


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